Can You Sing National Open University of Nigeria Full Anthem?

Using this medium, we want to inform all the NOUN student who says that, they won’t learn or see the National Open University of Nigeria anthem, sorry to say this, but unfortunately, you will have to because it concerns your school.

The anthem is so so great but it is just the key that we do sing it with at the conference hall. Lets leave that over talk apart. Below is the long awaited day to play th Anthem of National Open University of Nigeria!

See the Full Anthem of National Open University of Nigeria

With this little opportunity, we want to make welcome those that can sing the four part of a full Choir Stand which are Treble, Auto, Tenure and lastly… Yea, you know that one, using our different voice, lets sing the anthem with one key:- Lets Go!!!

National Open University Of Nigeria
Determined to be the foremost
University of Nigeria
Providing highly accessible and
enhanced quality education
Anchored by social justice, equity,
equality and national cohesion


Come to N O U N
For quality, cost effective
and flexible learning
That adds life-long value,
For all who yearn
For quality education
and for all who
seek knowledge.

It is boring or not that funny right but trust me, when i say, you have to learn the keys before you can be able to sing the song or anthem!

For those that is not aware, we want to inform the general public that the Noun 2015/2016 Applications for Admission has begun including the date for resumption.

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