Questions You Need to Ask Before the Examination Registration

It is no news that the National Open University wants to commence the Requirement for students who wants to get Admission Applications for all candidate who are interested to continue their studies at the certified school.

And also as the examination is about to start in due time, you as the candidate who doesn’t wants to fail due to a mistake that can be corrected by you, hence, some question needs to be asked before the commencement of exam reg.

If you don’t ask now, trust me, you will never have the chance to ask again. So the wisest time to ask question concerning the Examination Registration before it starts, is absolutely now.

Mind you, there are more than important questions you need to ask, but today, I will be lecturing you on just one question that is the most paramount of all, this question is the most important question every students who wants to start examination registration for NOUN should inquire about, if you think it is not necessary then failure might be calling out you, but that is not going to be our portion.

Below is the question, please keep your mind focused, keep your mind calm, as a students who wants to write examination, you need to settle down and read the below post carefully.

What if I Missed the Examinations Registration?

You might think that, this is a common question but you never might tell whats going to come up within the days of examinations. So it is your right to ask this question because you have paid your fees.

And Please you should ask your centres management for more information on the issues of missed examination registration. Always be careful doing that course examination registration, most noun students prefers to forget about it and write it once the full semester has started.

Note that the Noun Management ICT workers have opened courses and examination registration links which is created specifically for students who are involved, to register and submit their Tutor Marked Assignment.

Take this serious note carefully, that this Registration need a clear explanation or information, which will help students not to make some mistake on it. While asking for more information to clarify this, further explanation was given by the staff that two or more study Centres can come in one Venue for the examination.

WE wishes everyone writing this examination full success and they must come out with flying colors!!!