NOUN 2016 2nd Semester POP Examination Timetable Out (Updated)

This is to inform the general public and all the students of National Open University of Nigeria, (NOUN) that the final PoP 2016_2 Time Table is now available at your various study centre pending when it will be uploaded into your portal.

NOUN 2nd Semester POP Time Table Out (Updated)

NOUN 2nd Semester POP Time Table Out 2016/2017

The final Time Table recently released has been further updated, please ignore previous version. All the students can download the broad time table (MS Excel format) by  clicking Here

Update: NOUN 2nd Semester (2016_2) POP Updated Final Timetable Adjustments

Using this medium, we will would like to inform all the students of the following adjustments made on the time table.

However, the following courses will be examined as scheduled below:

  S/N   COURSE CODES   Date (Day  Month)   Time
  1   CIT371   31 MON 10   2pm
  2   POL424   03 Thur 11   11am
  3   CIT701   31 Mon 10   11am
  4   POL444   24 Mon 10   11am
  5   CIT742   25 Tue 10   8am
  6   ESM343   04 Fri 11   8am
  7   ESM311   10 Thur 11   11am
  8   EDA822   24 Mon 10   2pm
  9   PED433   03 Thur 11   11am
  10   PED431   24 Mon 10   11am
  11   ACC411   26 Wed 10   2pm
  12   EDA834   14 Mon 11   2pm
  13   EDA832   05 Sat 11   2pm

Thank you.

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