NOUN POP Exam Timetable for 2017/2018 (First Draft)

This is to inform all the Students of National Open university of Nigeria that the first draft examination timetable for 2017_1 POP exams is out. Students can download or assess it directly here and plan accordingly.

Please Note: Kindly channel any complaints through the study centres.

– Directorate of Exams and Assessments

NOUN Pop Examination Timetable for 2017

Day Date 8am 11am 2pm
1 Wednesday, June 21, 2017 MBF841 Emerging Technologies In Information Technolo
MTH341 Real Analysis ECO355 Introduction To Econometrics MGS821 Personnel Staff Evaluation
AEM713 Tree Crop Production LAW446 Law Of Evidence II CIT345 Introduction To Computer Design
EDA856 Problems And Issues In Higher Education MAC316 Mass Comm. & National Development AEM772 Research Methods And Statistics
ACC415 Financial Management MAC427 Economics & Social Issues In Advert & Pr EDA854 Legal Aspects Of Educational Administration
MGS732 Business Finance INR322 Strategic Studies In The 20th Century BFN304 Financial Systems
LED759 Legislative Structure CIT843 Introduction To Database Management Systems MGS737 Micro And Small Business Financing
FRE482 20th Century French Literature ESM423 Hydrology And Water Resources LED711 Public International Law I
POL441 Development Administration PSM831 Materials Management POL431 Third World Dependency & Development
EHS315 International Health Services ECO427 Comparative Economics FRE382 French Literature In The 18th Century
EDU752 Chemistry Methods EDU323 Basic Research Methods In Education EDU724 Guidance And Counselling
CIT722 Computer Networks PHS421 Research Methods In Public Health CIT755 Wireless Communication I
CHM303 Inorganic Chemistry Iii CHM415 Industrial Chemical Technology Ii
BUS801 Operations Management BUS835 International Business Management
MPA853 International Administration MPA841 Nigerian Government And Politics
PCR443 Language And Information Management In Peace
LAW244 Constitutional Law II PSM805 Economic Development In Nigeria
MTH312 Abstract Algebra Ii
EGC801 Principles Of Guidance And Counselling EGC803 Developmental Psychology
2 Thursday, June 22, 2017 MTH381 Mathematical Methods Iii CIT322 Introduction To Internet Programming EDU423 Measurement And Evaluation
MBF833 Money And Banking MBA859 Database Management Application System MBA833 Industrial Relations
AEM736 Extension Organization And Management MTH402 General Topology Ii CIT462 Web Server Technology
EDA851 Principles Of Institutional Administration In AEM751 Micro Economics AEM719 Extension Method And Communication
BUS428 Business Policy And Strategy Ii EDA825 Managerial Psychology MAC331 Advertising Campaign Planning & Execution
MGS730 Fundamentals Of Marketing ACC320 Economics & Business Environment ENT417 Production Management I
LED700 Research Methodology In Legislative Drafting MGS714 Principles Of Management MGS731 Research Methodology
FRE421 Advanced Studies In French Language Structure LED753 Drafting Process LED757 Legislative Style, Syntax & Expression
POL341 Public Administration In Nigeria FRE322 Advanced Studies In French Language 11 POL411 Political Psychology
PHS401 Community Reproductive And Adolescent Heal POL316 Political Evolution PHS303 Introduction To Clinical Laboratory Technique
EDU723 Basic Research Method In Education PHS426 Essential Drugs And Public He EDU733 General Teaching Methods
CIT756 Operations Research EDU766 Political Science Methods CIT771 Computer Graphics And Animation
CHM413 Analytical Chemistry Ii CIT753 Introduction To Internet CHM318 Natural Product Chemistry I
MAC318 Media Attachment CHM304 Colour Chemistry And Technology BUS818 Business Ethics And Corporative Governance
MPA858 Public Financial Management BUS849 Strategic Management MPA868 Comparative Public Administration
CSS381 Domestic Violence MPA810 Public Policy Analysis CSS441 Technical/electronics Aspects Of Security
MPA823 Project Management LAW341 Criminal Law 1 PSM802 Reforms Of The Public Service
EGC812 Behaviour Modification EGC805 Vocational Guidance EGC809 Psychological Testing
3 Friday, June 23, 2017 PHY405 Electronics Iii HEM709 Primary Health Care And Hiv/aids CTH841 Christianity And Colonialism In Nigeria
MBA817 Environment Of Business MBA816 Quantitative Method For Management MBA896 Entrepreneurship
MTH411 Measure Theory & Integration STT321 Sample Survey Design STT316 Multivariate Analysis And Application
AEM712 Agric Ext. Programme Planning And Evaluation AEM722 Ruminant Animals AEM716 Agric Marketing And Corporatives
EDA813 School Plant Management EDA833 Monitoring/evaluation In Education Management EDA812 Practicum In Educational Management
ACC311 Intermediate Financial Accounting I ACC405 Corporate Finance ACC307 Commercial Law
MGS728 Quantitative Techniques For Financial Decisio MGS719 Principles Of Micro Economics MGS713 Capital Investment & Financial Decisions
LED754 Particular Cases In Drafting LED751 Introduction To Legislative Drafting LED750 Legislative Forms And Arrangement Of Provisio
FRE372 Advd Studies In Pre-indepfrancophone Afrn Lit EDU314 Comparative Education EDU412 Principles Of Educational Management
POL322 Comparative Federalism PCR331 History Of Conflicts In Nigeria PCR424 Governance, International Law And Fundamental
PHS301 Health Management Information Systems PHS308 Health Management I & Ii NSS311 Primary Health Care Nursing I
EDU740 Mathematics Methods EDU720 English Methods EDU758 Computer Education Methods
CIT701 Information And Communication Technology CIT758 Wireless Communication Ii CIT754 Digital Communication
CHM423 Coordination Chemistry CHM314 Environmental Chemistry CHM316 Industrial Chemical Technology I
BUS847 Global Economic Environment BUS831 Organizational Behaviour BUS811 Diversity And Conflict Management
MPA809 Interpersonal/ Intergroup Relations MPA843 E-governance In The Public Sector MPA870 Local Government Administration
ENG453 Language And National Development CSS361 Juvenile Institutions And Juvenile Correction LAW103 Introduction To Law
LAW212 Nigerian Legal System Ii ECO444 Money and Banking
PSM804 Operations Of The Legislature EGC802 Counselling Theories EGC815 Sex And Family Counselling
4 Saturday, June 24, 2017 CIT432 Software Engineering Ii HEM717 Economics Of Hiv/aids
MBA835 Managerial Problem Solving MBA801 Production And Operations Management
ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION STT301 Statistical Inference CIT425 Operations Research
AEM701 Agric Extension Education AEM715 Management Of Agric. Extension Personnel
EDU821 Educational Statistics 3 EDA852 Politics Of Education
ENT420 Production Management 11 BFN405 Bank Lending And Loan Administration
MGS740 Regulations Of Financial Institutions MGS718 Principles Of Macro Economics
LED752 Substantive Provisions
FRE331 Advanced Studies In French Phonetics POL424 Political Parties & Pressure Groups
INR412 Foreign Policies Of Great Powers NSS303 Human Behaviour In Health And Illness
PHS524 Health Education And Promotion EDU762 Economics Methods
EDU782 Business Education Methods CHM301 Physical Chemistry Iii
CIT721 Information System Design And Programming BUS808 Economy And Industrial Analysis
CHM417 Industrial Chemical Processes Ii PAD858 Development Planning, Project Preparation And
BUS815 Management Information System CSS442 Professional Ethics In Law Enforcement & Secu
MPA844 Public Administration Law PSM800 Conduct Of Government Business
CSS354 Special Categories Of Offenders EGC806 Organization And Administration Of G & C
ECO454 Applied Econometrics II
MTH309 Optimisation Theory MTH315 Analytical Dynamics I
5 Monday, June 26, 2017 CHM406 Nuclear And Radio- Chemistry BIO404 Systematic Biology AEM512 Rural Youth Programmes In Agricultural Extens
MBF839 Quantitative Techniques For Banking And Finan MBF843 Capital Investment & Financial Decision MBA814 Introduction To General Management
STT411 Probability Theory CIT371 Introduction To Computer Graphics And Animati CIT311 Computer Networks
AEM753 Farm Management AEM723 Non Ruminant Animal AEM724 Macro Economics
EDA821 Human Resources Management In Education EDA811 Concepts And Theories Of Educational Administ EDA844 Educational Statistics For Education Managers
ACC313 Management Accounting ACC426 International Accounting ACC316 Analysis Of Financial Statement
MGS757 Principles Of Accounting MGS748 Financial Institutions And Market FRE472 Francophone Literature(pre &post Independence
FRE392 Advd Studies In Translation (theme & Version) EDU302 Ict In Education PCR412 Globalization And Peace
POL301 Research Methods In Political Science POL317 Public Policy Analysis BIO411 Parasitology
PHS312 Oral Health Care NSS412 Health Economics EDU711 Introduction To Foundations Of Education
EDU750 Biology Methods EDU731 Curriculum Development (theory And Practice) CHM305 Organic Chemistry Iii
BUS893 Entrepreneurship CHM414 Photochemistry And Pericyclic Reactions BUS800 Quantitative Analysis
PAD855 Performance Measurement And Management BUS804 Strategy And Structure MPA854 Public Enterprise Management
LAW342 Criminal Law Ii MPA807 Development Administration Theory MBA840 Project Evaluation
PSM823 Operations Research And Statistics CSS356 Traditional And Informal Mechanisms Of Crime EGC811 Principles Of Interpersonal Relationships
EGC804 Techniques Of Counselling EGC817 Abnormal Psychology MTH303 Vector And Tensor Analysis
CIT383 * Introduction To Object-oriented Programming MTH302 Elementary Differential Equation Ii HEM731 Communication And Counselling In Hiv/aids
MTH422 Partial Differential Equations PHY309 Quantum Mechanics I CTH801 Graduate Theological Writing
6 Tuesday, June 27, 2017 PHY311 Kinetic Theory And Statistical Mechanics FMT311 Financial Stochastic Process LAW332 Commercial Transaction Ii
MBA829 Organizational Change And Development MBA812 Introduction To Accounting MBA881 Business Policy
MTH412 Normed Linear Spaces CIT465 Network Administration STT311 Probability Distribution Ii
AEM732 Women And Youth In Rural Development Programm AEM741 Rural Sociology EDU822 Advanced Educational Psychology
EDA832 Economics Of Education EDA842 Appl. Of Management Infor. Systems In Educ. ACC312 Intermediate Financial Accounting Ii
ACC318 Advanced Taxation ACC419 Advanced Financial Accounting FRE423 Linguistics Applied To The Teaching Of French
FRE381 Advanced Studies In French Lit In The 17th Ce FRE471 Advanced Studies In French Language Structure POL311 Contemporary Political Analysis
POL444 Nigerian Local Government POL324 Politics Of Development & Underdevelopment PHS404 Occupational Health & Safety
PHS507 Outreach And Mobile Health Services PHS511 Applied Epidemiology (communicable & Non-co EDU754 Integrated Science Methods
EDU712 Professionalism In Teaching EDU721 Psychology Of Learning CHM315 Carbohydrate Chemistry
CHM306 Instrumental Methods Of Analysis CHM307 Atomic And Molecular Structure An BUS825 Research Methodology
BUS810 Comparative Management BUS802 Economic Theory CSS352 Theory Of Crime And Crime Control
MPA871 Public Personnel Management CSS443 Traffic/road Safety And Equipment PSM809 Principles Of Personnel Management
CSS343 Information System Security Management PSM815 Industrial Relations (in Nigeria) CIT467 Visual Programming And Applications
PAD856 Urban And Regional Planning EGC813 Group Dynamics DAM301 Data Mining And Data Warehousing
CIT101 Computers In Society MTH308 Introduction To Mathematical Modelling PHY455 Lower Atmospheric Physics
CIT427 Database Systems & Management PHY301 Classical Mechanics Ii HEM726 Clinical, Diagnostic And Therapeutic Services
HEM745 Management And Care Of Hiv/aids HEM742 Global Initiatives On Hiv/aids CTH825 Religion And Social Change In Africa
7 Wednesday, June 28, 2017 MGS727 Organisational Behaviour ENG331 Introduction To Semantics AEA302 Agricultural Finance
MBA820 Corporate Management Strategy MBA823 Organizational Design MBA813 Information And Telecommunications Technology
CIT309 Computer Architecture CIT445 Principles & Techniques Of Compilers CIT363 Introduction To Internet Programming
EDA834 Budgeting And Financial Management In Educati BUS427 Business Policy And Strategy I ACC411 Advanced Audit And Assurance
BUS406 Analysis For Business Decisions POL318 Political Behaviour EDU332 Educational Technology
FRE301 Intro To Translation PHS422 Clinical Skills I &ii CSS432 Human Rights Provision In Nigeria
PCR419 International Politics Of The Cold War : 1945 EDU716 Sociology Of Education PHS402 Introduction To Public Health Laws
PHS403 Accident And Emergency CHM416 Organic Synthesis EDU726 Measurement And Evaluation
EDU730 Religion And Moral Education Methods LAW243 Constitutional Law I CHM422 Natural Products Chemistry Ii
CHM309 Organic Spectroscopy PSM813 Personnel Management In Government PSM829 Budget And Budgetary Procedure
BUS809 Human Resources Management (hrm) MTH305 Complex Analysis Ii MTH307 Numerical Analysis Ii
CSS342 Safety Management For Loss Prevention PHY406 Optics Iii CIT415 Introduction To E-commerce
PSM817 Planning And Decision Making HEM705 Human Behaviour In Illness PHY404 Electrodynamics Iii
MTH304 Complex Analysis I CTH817 Gospels HEM706 Alcohol, Drug And Hiv/aids
PHY461 Geophysics Iii AEM311 Introduction To Rural Life LAW842 Human Rights Law Ii
HEM710 Health System Management BIO414 Applied Entomology MGS303 Managerial Economics
CTH820 Current Trends In Old Testament Theology MGS747 Introduction To Public Administration BIO410 Fisheries & Aquaculture
ENT330 Business Forecasting CRP309 Arable Crops Production AEM505 Administration And Programme Planning In Exte
8 Thursday, June 29, 2017 COP318 Cooperative Education & Extension ISL432 Islamic Social System EDU321 Psychology Of Learning
MBA827 Advanced Organizational Behaviour MBA853 Decision Support System MBA883 Small Business Management
CIT351 C# Programming * CIT478 Artificial Intelligence CIT463 Introduction To Multimedia Technology
ACC305 Cost Accounting SMS305 Elements Of Government ACC418 Public Sector Accounting And Finance
ENG454 Multilingualism POL337 Principles Of Administrative Law POL312 Logic & Methods Of Political Inquiry
PCR352 Sustainable Environmental Development And Pea PHS311 Child Health PHS424 Primary Emergency Obstetrics Care
PHS509 Geriatrics, Gerontology And Care Of P EDU768 Social Studies Methods EDU764 Geography Methods
EDU714 History Of Education In Nigeria CHM409 Electrochemitry CHM312 Industrial Chemical Processes I
CHM408 Polymer Chemistry Ii PCR375 Language And Information Management In Peace CSS452 Victims Of Crime And Human Rights Violations
LAW211 Nigerian Legal System I PSM807 Management Of Public Service MTH423 Integral Equations
PSM825 Financial Management In Government MTH417 Electromagnetic Theory PHY313 Mathematical Methods For Physics I
MTH311 Calculus Of Several Variables PHY314 Numerical Computations HEM701 Basic Of Family Education
DAM364 Management Information Systems (mis) HEM704 Basic Anatomy And Physiology Of Human Body CTH849 The Rise And Growth Of Western Christianity I
PHY391 Physics Laboratory Ii CTH878 Feminist Theology ENT322 Principles And Practice Of International Trad
HEM703 Disease, Illness And Society ACP303 Permanent Crop Production BIO316 Introduction To Bioinformatics
CTH845 Islam And State BIO303 General Cytology AEM301 Introduction To Agricultural Extension & Rura
ENT331 Investment Management Analysis FMT409 Monetary Economics LAW411 Oil And Gas Law I
ANP302 Ruminant Animal Production LAW445 Law Of Evidence I MGS724 Public Enterprises Management
9 Friday, June 30, 2017 AGR307 Environmental Impact Assessment CIT735 Application Software Design And Multimedia SED329 Integrated Science Workshop
MKT829 Pricing Policies MKT833 Advertising Management BHM805 Corporate Finance
CIT461 Internet Architecture And Communication CIT474 Introduction To Expert Systems MTH401 General Topology I
PCR415 The Nature Of Global Terrorism EHS409 Sewage & Waste Water Management PHS322 Community Mobilization And Participation
PHS318 Principles Of Epidemiology EDU728 Methods Of Teaching Nigerian Languages EDU732 Introduction To Educational Technology
EDU722 French Methods CHM421 Heterocyclic Chemistry CHM302 Polymer Chemistry
CHM407 Reaction Kinetics CSS371 Courts And Justice Administration In Nigeria CSS341 Policing And Law Enforcement In Nigeria
LAW401 Constitutional Law 1 PHY402 Nuclear Physics CIT484 Website Design And Programming
MTH421 Ordinary Differential Equation HEM702 Basics Of Hiv/aids PHY361 Geophysics I
PHY407 Solid State Physics Ii CTH813 Pauline Epistles HEM712 Legal And Ethical Issues In Hiv/aids
HEM707 Biostatistics ENT407 Entrepreneurship Development CTH803 Inter-religious Dialogue
CTH832 New Religious Movements In Africa SOS301 Introduction To Pedology & Soil Classificatio MGS304 Rural Development
ENT325 Human Resources Management Principles BIO307 Evolution AEM451 Farm Business Organisation
CPS401 Biotechnology In Crop/pest Management FMT315 Time Series Analysis BIO403 Population Genetics
BIO412 Wildlife Ecology And Conservation LAW516 Jurisprudence And Legal Theory Ii LAW434 Law Of Taxation Ii
AGB404 Bio Resources Management MGS771 Public Personnel Administration MGS743 Administrative Law
MTH416 Algebraic Number Theory ENG352 Discourse Analysis ENG314 Public Speaking
ECO453  Applied Econometrics SLM303 Introduction To Pedology And Soil Physics AFM321 Fisheries Management And Conservation
10 Saturday, July 1, 2017 PED322 Methods Of Teaching Reading In Primary School ISL412 Tafs?r: Exegesis Of Selected Passages Of The SED831 Curriculum Trends In Science Education
MBA889 Basic French MBA831 Organizational Behaviour And Theory MKT837 Marketing Research
CIT331 Theory Of Computation MTH301 Metric Space Topology MTH382 Mathematical Methods Iv
PHS505 Community Mental Health PHS302 Organization Of School Health EDU718 Philosophy Of Education
EDU713 Educational Management And Supervision Subjec EDU756 Physics Methods DAM382 Information Systems Management
PCR351 Demobilization, Disarmament And Reintegration CSS491 Emergency, Riot And Disaster Control Manageme PHY308 Electronics 1
CIT411 Microcomputers & Microprocessors CIT381 File Processing & Management CTH821 African Traditional Religious Mythology And C
PHY312 Mathematical Methods For Physics Ii PHY401 Elementary Particle Physics ENT332 Investment Management Analysis Ii
CTH847 African Church Leaders CTH842 Religion, Power And Politics In Contemporar CHM426 Chemistry Of Lanthanides And Actinidies
ENT424 Feasibility Study & Business Proposals ENT329 Strategic Management ANP301 Introduction To Non-ruminant Animal Productio
BIO305 Molecular Biology CHM402 Theory Of Molecular Spectroscopy BIO314 Animal Behaviour
SED305 Practicum In Science AEC403 Agric Production Economics & Resources LAW424 Equity And Trust Ii
ACP301 Arable Crop Production BIO407 Basic Entomology MGS783 Comparative Public Administration
FMT313 Mathematical Modelling In Finance LAW323 Law Of Torts I ENG411 English For Specific Purposes
LAW512 Public International Law Ii MGS712 Administrative Theory COP411 Consumer Cooperatives
MGS742 Development Theory And Administration ENG341 The Phonology Of English ISL343 Introduction To Islamic Theology
ENG414 Speech Writing AEA303 Agricultural Production Economics CIT703 Information Technology And Software Developme
CRP313 Permanent Crop Production CIT734 Object-oriented Technology CHM405 Chemical Thermodynamics
11 Monday, July 3, 2017 EDU421 Guidance And Counselling CIT344 Introduction To Computer Design HCM333 Food & Beverage Services Iii
MBA824 Managerial Economics MKT825 International Marketing MBA804 Business And Company Law
CIT481 Website Design & Management CIT469 Protocols, Design And Programming CIT342 Formal Languages And Automata Theory
CIT303 Principles Of Communication Technology PHY306 Optics Ii PHY457 Environmental Physics
PHY310 Electronics Ii CTH826 Ecclesiology LAW841 Human Rights Law 1
CTH814 Biblical Criticisms ENT421 Risk Management ENT419 International Business I
ENT324 Principles Of Purchasing & Supply AEC306 Farm Records And Accounting AEM302 Extension Teaching, Learning Process And Meth
BIO318 Immunology And Immunochemistry BIO306 General Physiology 11 BIO310 Protozoology
AEM304 Communication And Audio-visual Techniques FMT418 Monte Carlo Simulations FMT413 Risk And Portfolio Management
FMT309 Linear Programme 1 LAW331 Commercial Transaction I LAW344 Family Law Ii
LAW423 Equity And Trust I MGS707 Local Government Administration MGS756 Project Analysis And Implementation
MGS779 Public Financial Management ENG434 Literary Stylistics ENG415 Literary Theory And Criticism
AEA304 Agricultural Marketing And Price AFM317 Fish Health Management ANP307 Elementary Topics In Animal Breeding
SMS303 Entrepreneurship Studies Ii COP414 Cooperative Auditing ISL332 Al-mu ?mal?t In The Shariah
ISL355 Introduction To Ta?awwuf ISL312 Exegesis Of The Quran CTH441 West African Church History
CTH311 Gospel Of John CTH472 Conflict Management CIT759 Micro Computing And Www
CIT752 Operating System Concepts CIT736 Computer Programming PED422 Behaviour Problems And The Primary School Chi
EDT830 Multimedia Tech In Teaching And Learning SED327 Environment And Population SED832 Curriculum Development In Science Education
12 Tuesday, July 4, 2017 NSS411 Educational And Curriculum Design NSS312 Primary Health Care Nursing 11 ENG491 Psycholinguistics
MBF845 Computer Network And Internet MKT823 Consumer Behaviour MKT859 Industrial Marketing
CIT341 Data Structures CIT333 Software Engineering I * EDU426 Special Education
PHY362 Workshop Practice DAM344 Semantic Data Modelling DAM461 Statistical Database Systems
CTH852 Social Theories Of Religion PHY303 Special Relativity ENT313 Corporate Planning
ENT328 Estate Management ENT323 Entrepreneural Development & Small Business M BIO309 Plant Breeding
AGM314 Introduction To Farm Mechanization AEC308 Principles Of Farm Management AEM450 Agricultural Finance & Marketing
BIO301 Genetic Ii BIO406 Parasitology& Immunology FMT312 Linear Programme 11
FMT421 Stochastic Differential Equations FMT415 Option Pricing LAW532 Maritime Law Ii
LAW111 Legal Methods I LAW522 Conveyancing Law Ii ISL471 Contribution Of West African Scholars To Isla
MGS710 Public Policy Analysis ENG353 English Language In Nigeria CTH422 Christology
ENG372 English Poetry ARD301 Introduction To Agric. Extension And Rural De CTH818 Hebrew Exegesis
CRP311 Stored Produce Protection ENT326 Agro Business Management SED811 Foundations Of Science Education
HCM433 Management & Organization Behaviour ISL472 Islam S Contributions To Civilization ENT321 Quantitative Method For Business Decisions
ISL436 Islamic Law Of Wasiyyah And Waqf CTH352 Sociology Of Religion NSS513 Ophthalmology Nursing
CTH313 Hebrew Grammar CTH823 Further Greek EDT832 Preparation, Utilization & Integration Of Cur
CIT742 Multimedia Technology EDT831 Instrctional Media Design And Production PCR812 Political Economy Of Peace-building
SED322 Energy And Matter Ii CIT723 Operating System Design And Programming PCR373 Demobilisation, Disarmament And Reintegration
13 Wednesday, July 5, 2017 ESM407 Geographical Information Systems BHM302 Business Finance Ii ENT430 International Business Ii
MBA843 International Banking MBA806 Human Resources Management MBA825 Research Methodology
PHY307 Solid State Physics I CIT392 Computer Laboratory Ii CIT353 Introduction To Human-computer Interaction
ENT431 Marketing Ethics & Social Responsibility PHY456 Nuclear Reactor Physics ANP310 Genetics And Breeding
AEM405 Extension Training & Curriculum Development ENT432 International Accounting System BIO313 Animal Ecology
BIO413 Developmental Biology ANP313 Poultry Production LAW521 Conveyancing Law I
LAW322 Environmental Law Ii BIO401 Field Course 11 ENG381 The English Novel
ENG321 Contemporary English Usage LAW432 Law Of Banking And Insurance I ISL402 Modern Reform Movement
COP315 Cooperatives Law ENG421 New Trends In Syntax CTH323 Old Testament Theology
ISL451 Major Sufi Orders In Africa ARA483 Arabic Rhetoric SED323 Physics For Integrated Science
CTH412 Gospel Of Matthew CTH491 African Traditional Religion And Culture PED313 Historical And Cultural Background Of Immedia
ECE313 Theories And Practice Of Early Childhood Educ SED313 Improvisation In Integrated Science CTH815 Prophetic Books And Wisdom Literature
CTH819 Greek Exegesis ECE410 Issues In Early Childhood And Primary Educati PHY403 Electrodynamics Ii
SED834 Science And Technology In Society CTH812 Theology Of The Pentateuch (ot) BED416 Office Organization And Management
NSS504 Medical And Surgical Nursing Iv SED835 Laboratory Design And Management ENG311 Research Methods
EDT834 Instructional Radio And Television BED312 Organisation And Administration Of Vocational HCM437 Advanced Food & Beverage Services
PCR873 Arms Control And Demilitarisation HCM304 Food & Beverage Production Iv NSS508 Occupational Health
MAC416 Sociology of Mass Communication ECO450 Applied Statistics
PAD831 Advanced Theories Of Local Government NSS302 Nutrition In Health And Illness EDT821 Instructional Task Analysis & Psychological B
14 Thursday, July 6, 2017 ESM424 Fresh Water Ecology JLS711 Introduction To Journalism TSM347 Commercial Recreation Management
MKT827 Product Planning And Development AEM303 Agrarian Institutions And Their Management AEM411 Social Relationships &behavioural Change
COP412 Cooperative Marketing BIO308 Biogeography BIO311 Mycology
ACP305 Principles Of Crop Protection LAW444 Administrative Law Ii LAW513 Conflict Of Laws I
BIO402 Cytogenetics Of Plants COP317 Producers Cooperative Management COP311 Principles & Practices Of Cooperatives
LAW112 Legal Methods Ii ISL302 Research Methods ISL437 Shar? Ah In Modern Time
ISL415 Advanced Studies On The Qur An CTH324 New Testament Theology CTH423 Comparative Ethics In A Pluralistic Society
SED413 Science, Technology And Society SED315 The Nigerian Primary/secondary School Science SED312 The Earth And The Universe
CTH316 Hebrew Syntax PED431 Continuous Assessment In Primary School PED412 Organization And Administration Of Primary Ed
PED351 Adult Basic Education BFN402 Marketing Of Financial Services BED313 Office Information Technology
BHM307 Business Law ENG432 Pragmatics ENG312 Creative Writing Ii
ENG316 Communication For Business HCM439 Hotel Planning & Interior Design NSS322 Medical Surgical Nursing Ii
TSM444 Global Tourism Issues NSS407 Research Methods In Nursing EDT811 Theories Of Communication And Philosophical B
NSS305 Epidemiology EDT812 Management Of Educational Resources Centres PCR851 Environmental Security And Conflict Resolutio
EDT833 Facilities For Media PCR811 Theories In Conflict Management DAM463 Health Data Management
PCR833 Ethnic Conflicts And Resolution DAM361 Business Communication & Network PCR411 Peace Building And Democracy
PCR371 Third Party Intervention In Conflict Resoluti PAD812 Intergovernmental Relations(igr)
LAW100 Introduction To Law PAD807 Public Development Administration Theory ESM317 Land And Water Pollution
15 Friday, July 7, 2017 ESM392 Remote Sensing CSS746 Legal And Social Framework Of Private Securit INR332 War And Peace In West Africa Since 1960
BIO304 General Ecology BIO408 Soil Ecology BIO405 Hydrobiology
AEM509 Agricultural Business Management CSP401 Biotechnology In Crop/pest Management AEM504 Rural Community Development
LAW422 Land Law Ii LAW515 Jurisprudence & Legal Theory I LAW531 Maritime Law I
COP413 Cooperative Field Administration & Planning COP312 Cooperative Legislation COP416 Cooperative Accounting
ISL313 Introduction To World Religions ISL439 Al-hud?d: Penal System Of The Shar? Ah ISL374 Islamic Political Institutions
CTH314 Inter-testamental Literature CTH302 Messianism CTH471 Research Methods
SED422 Integrated Science Curriculum Design And Impl SED412 Nigerian Industries And Industrialization SED314 African Cosmology In Integration In Science
PED433 Children Literature ECE421 Health And Family Life Education PED312 Fundamentals Of Early Childhood And Pry Educa
VTE414 Vocational Guidance ACC310 Elements Of Public Sector Accounting TSM348 Hospitality And Tourism Management
ENG351 Introduction To Applied Linguistics ENG416 Creative Writing Iii NSS323 Maternal And Child Health I
TSM349 Introduction To Airline Management HCM343 Procurement & Supply Management PCR872 Research Methods In Peace And Conflict Resolu
NSS321 Medical Surgical Nursing I NSS402 Mental Health And Psychiatry Ii PCR312 Peace Research Methods
PCR822 International Law And Peace PCR817 Theories Of Peace Education And Conflict PAD843 E-governance In The Public Sector
DAM363 Economic Statistics DAM401 Oracle Applications ESM431 Environmental Health And Safety
INR311 Introduction To Strategic Studies PCR417 International Relations And Security JLS726 Speech Writing
PAD810 Public Policy Analysis PAD871 Public Personnel Management CSS745 Types And Analysis Of Security Threats
ECO446 International Trade And Finance Ii MAC425 Public Relations Practice ECO356 Introduction To Econometrics Ii
JLS724 Feature Writing ESM322 Water And Waste Water Management MGS722 Business Statistics
16 Saturday, July 8, 2017 MAC442 Advanced Broadcast News/programme Production ECE413 Comparative Early Childhood Education ECO347 Development Economics I
BIO320 Microbial Ecology BIO415 Virology And Tissue Culture BIO416 Industrial Microbiology
AEM507 Management Of Agricultural Extension Personn AEM502 Extension Organization, Management And Superv AEM506 Advanced Rural Sociology
LAW233 Law Of Contract I LAW321 Enviromental Law I LAW518 Alternative Dispute Resolution Ii
MGS403 Community Development ISL474 Islamic Historiography ARA383 Tanslation: Eng/arabic
ISL431 Principles Of Islamic Jurisprudence CTH432 Applied Ethics CTH321 God And Revelation
CTH413 Wisdom Literature SED411 Practice In Integration Of Science SED421 Cycles In Nature (biological Cycles)
SED324 School Science Laboratory PED320 Family Education PED420 Social Psychology Of Instruction
ECE311 Introduction To Cultural And Creative Arts HCM345 Wine & Food Pairing Principles HCM340 Hospitality Laws And Travels
ENG355 Introduction To Sociolinguistics NSS511 Gerontological Nursing NSS327 Community Health Nursing
TSM403 Cultural Tourism PCR831 African Traditional Methods Of Conflict Res PCR815 Peace Building And Humanitarianism
NSS301 Nature Of Nursing PAD803 Ecology Of Public Administration PCR311 Philosophies And Great Personalities Of Peace
CSS755 Patterns And Trends Of Crime In Nigeria TSM305 Tourism Sales & Marketing PAD854 Public Enterprises Management
PCR426 Nationalism,ethnicity And Federalism In Moder ESM444 Industrial Wastes And Industrial Water Treatm ESM343 Climate Change And Environment
PAD841 Nigeria Government And Politics JLS721 News Reporting/writing JLS714 Communication Research
ESM345 Applied Climatology CSS772 Criminal Justice Administration In Nigeria CSS753 Pattern & Trends Of Crime In Nigeria
MAC421  Advance Newspaper/Magazine Production
JLS722 Publication Layout And Design MGS729 Business Mathematics MGS735 Elements Of Business Administration
MGS726 Global Economic Environment INR382 Nigeria S Foreign Policy Ii INR451 Introduction To Research Methods In Internati
17 Monday, July 10, 2017 JLS822 Publication Layout And Design CTH704 Religious Dialogue ECE412 Management Of Early Childhood Education
AEM511 Leadership And Rural Development AEM503 Diffusion And Adoption Of Innovations CPT514 Produce/post-harvest Management
LAW435 Law Of Intellectual Property I LAW412 Oil And Gas Ii LAW241 Human Rights Law I
ISL435 Textual Studies Of Hadith ISL339 Islamic Family Law ISL361 Islamic Philosophy
SED321 Biology For Integrated Science PED421 Developmental Guidance In Pry. Education HCM342 Current Issues In Food Safety & Sanitation
PED410 Management Of Childhood Institution HCM313 Restaurant Entrepreneurship NSS306 Environmental Health
HCM436 Internal Control In Hospitality Administratio NSS320 Nursing Ethics And Jurisprudence PCR813 Peace And Security In A Global Context
NSS410 Management In Nursing PCR819 Human Rights And Diplomacy PAD853 International Administration
CSS743 Principles Of Security Practice And Managemen PCR423 Women, Conflict And Peace MGS305 Small Business Management
PCR372 Introduction To Early Warning Mechanism PAD852 Public Financial Management ESM311 Noise And Air Pollution
PAD813 Quantitative Methods For Public Administratio ESM428 Ecology Of Natural Resources JLS742 Fundamentals Of Broadcasting
ESM422 Resource Evaluation JLS713 Media And Society CSS742 Policing And Law Enforcement In Nigeria
JLS712 Media Law & Ethics CSS774 Prisons And Correctional Institutions In Nige INR300 Theories In International Relations
MGS761 Nigerian Economy MGS720 Human Resources Management MAC322 Editorial Writing
INR371 Brics And Multilateral Diplomacy INR391 Nigeria’s Foreign Policy I ECO447 Public Sector Economics
MAC412 Media Management MAC334 International Public Relation CTH742 Reformation
ECO329 Project Evaluation CIT832 Operating Systems Concepts And Networking Man
CTH713 Critical Introduction To Old Testament JLS813 Media & Society ECO346 Financial Institutions
18 Tuesday, July 11, 2017 PCR712 Democracy And Good Governance CIT852 Data Communication And Networks PCR716 Research Methods In Peace Studies & Conflict
AEM458 Extension Strategies In Pilot Rural Developme AEM501 Statistics And Research Methods In Extension AEM510 Psychology For Extension Personnel
LAW441 Criminology I LAW533 Company Law And Business Association I LAW534 Company Law And Business Association Ii
ISL304 Islamic Studies And Orientalism ARA382 Arabic Grammar Ii ISL330 Advanced Study Of Sawm And Hajj
PED430 Design And Production Of Learning Materials F HCM438 Hospitality Supervision And Quality Managemen TSM342 Concept, Design & Feasibility
HCM303 Food Services & Professionalism NSS316 Concise Behavioural Science For Nurses NSS403 Medical Surgical Nursing Iii
NSS325 Clinical Pharmacology And Chemotherapy PCR374 Practical Exercises In Conflict Simulation PCR422 Globalisation And Peace
PCR421 International Organisations And Peace Buildin PAD870 Local Government Administration PAD823 Project Management
PAD868 Comparative Public Administration ESM324 Urban Environmental Management ESM403 Environmental Perception
ESM328 Biodiversity Conservation FRE701 Basic French Grammar & Composition CSS757 Contemporary Issues In Criminology And Securi
JLS732 Principles & Practice Of Pr CSS744 Security Planning, Development And Organizati INR431 International Relations Of Francophone West A
CSS747 Technical/ Electronic Aspects Of Security ECE422 The School Environment And The Child MAC414 Science & Technology Reporting
INR381 International Negotiations And Diplomacy INR342 Southern Africa In Global Politics ECO348 Development Economics Ii
MAC411 International Communication & Media System MAC441 Documentary Film Production JLS826 Speech Writing
ECO431 Advanced Micro Economics ECO448 Economic Planning Ii CIT841 Advanced Information Storage And Retrieval
JLS825 Editorial Writing JLS823 News Reporting/writing
CTH792 Theology Of African Traditional Religion (atr CTH723 Liberation And Feminist Theologies
CIT802 Technical Report Writing PCR715 Introduction To Conflict Resolution Processes
19 Wednesday, July 12, 2017 HCM432 Hospitality Information System MAC333 Media Station Management And Operation BUS401 Management Information System
AEM508 Technological And Social Change In Agricultur LAW517 Alternative Dispute Resolution I
LAW231 Labour Law 1 ARA481 Arabic Litrature Ii ISL438 Al-m?r?th : Islamic Law Of Succession
ISL372 Islam In Nigeria TSM442 Tourism Entrepreneurship TSM441 Strategic Management In Hospitality And Touri
NSS401 Mental Health And Psychiatry Nursing I NSS324 Maternal And Child Health Ii ESM301 Introduction To Peace And Conflict Resolution
POL421 The Military And Politics In Africa PSM803 Ecology Of Public Administration INR491 China In World Politics
PAD844 Public Administrative Law INR331 International Law ECO443 Petroleum Economics
ESM405 Environmental Protection Agencies: Case Studi ECO341 Macro-economic Theory I JLS814 Communication Research
CSS791 Emergency, Riot And Disaster Control Manageme JLS845 Issues In Communication Policy & Technology CTH771 Research Methods
INR422 International Institutions CTH711 Biblical Hermeneutics PCR714 Introduction To Conflict Resolution Process
MAC428 Integrated Marketing Communication CIT844 Advanced Database Management Systems
ECO449 Health Economics
CTH714 Critical Introduction To New Theology
PCR711 Introduction To Peace Studies
CIT831 Software Engineering Methodologies
LAW343 Family Law I
20 Thursday, July 13, 2017 BUS451 Comparative Management ECO311 Research Methodology ECO442 Taxation And Fiscal Policy
MBA815 Management Information System LAW242 Human Rights Law Ii JLS815 Advanced Theories In Mass Communication
STT313 Stochastic Processes I ISL373 Islam In North Africa And Spain HCM339 Food & Beverage Production Iii
AEM711 Agric Ext. Administration And Supervision HCM431 Advanced Food & Beverage Production ESM421 Elements Of Land Surveying
EDA855 Responsibility And Accountability Management ESM308 Rural Development Strategies INR432 Afro-asia Relations
LAW324 Law Of Torts II INR352 International Relations In East And Central A
MGS715 Principles Of Finance MAC314 Issues In Mass Media In Nigeria CTH715 Old Testament Theology
LED712 Public International Law Ii CTH721 Systematic Theology CIT811 User Interface Design And Ergonomics
FRE481 19th Century French Literature PCR771 Third Party Intervention In Conflict Resoluti
POL452 International Law & Organization LAW421 Land Law I
NSS409 Medical Sociology MAC444 Broadcast Commentary & Announcing
CIT854 Network Design And Programming EDU780 Agricultural Science Methods
CIT711 Computer Fundamentals
CHM311 Petroleum Chemistry
BUS805 Corporate Finance
MPA856 Urban And Regional Planning
CSS351 Prisons And Correction Of Offenders In Nigeri
21 Friday, July 14, 2017 ECO342 Macro-economic Theory Ii ECO445 International Trade And Finance ECO459 Advanced Mathematical Economics
LAW443 Administrative Law I LAW436 Law Of Intellectual Property Ii LAW511 Public International Law I
HCM435 Security & Loss Prevention Management BUS839 Management Theory ESM306 Environmental Politics
ESM411 Population, Environment And Development INR321 Foreign Policy Analysis INR341 Asia In World Politics
INR361 Religion, Ethnicity And Nationalism In Intern MAC313 Critical Writing And Reviewing MAC413 Data Analysis In Mass Communication
MAC424 International Advertising And Propaganda CTH724 New Testament Theology CTH732 Christian Ethics In Contemporary Nigerian Soc
CTH722 Pastoral Theology CIT853 Internet Concepts And Web Design
CIT834 Object-oriented Programming Using C#
ESM303 Environmental Laws And Policies
PCR772 Concept And Practice Of Peace Building
22 Saturday, July 15, 2017 ECO441 Economic Planning I ECO314 Operations Research LAW433 Law Of Taxation I
LAW442 Criminology Ii LAW234 Law Of Contract Ii ECO324 History Of Economic Thought
ESM342 Environmental Impact Assessment And Auditing INR312 American Diplomacy In The 20th Century EDA822 Supervision Of Instructions In Education
INR372 Regional Integration And Institutions MAC312 Newspaper Production MAC341 Developmental Communication & Broadcasting
ECO343 Monetary Theory And Policy ARA381 Introduction To Arabic Morphology
LAW232 Labour Law Ii HCM434 Lodging Facilities Management
ESM426 Biogeography DAM462 Agricultural Data Systems
CIT851 Advanced Systems Analysis And Design MAC423 Book Publishing And The Law
MAC332 Advertising Copy And Layout INR441 Contemporary Strategic Studies
CIT305 Networking And Communication Technology JLS812 Media Law And Ethics
ESM341 Introduction To Instrumentation Measuremen CTH702 Common Themes In Christianity And Islam
PCR713 Introduction To Peace Education
INR351 Europe In World Politics CIT891 Advanced Multimedia Technology

You can also download the NOUN Pop exam timetable for 2017 Here.

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