The Validity Of National Open University of Nigeria Certificates

Most times, we do not understand the differences between some certain things that we need to know especially in the educational and medical aspect of the sector, why; because everybody wants to claim, they knows all.

The exact reason why we compiled this post and published it, is that alot of students has raised unnecessary concern and complain about the validity and acceptability of NOUN certificate.

When we come to the educational sector of Nigeria regarding to National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) certificates, it is a registered certificate, that has been compared by many great people that it is of higher and international standard.

Certainly, within some short time, we all realise that the difference between NOUN and conventional universities is just the Mode of Studies.

All the candidates of NOUN are one of the best students in the society as of today, it is just like Ghana university, where; If you are the lazy type you can’t be a successful student in Noun, because it is just YOU and Your Institution.

When we come to the terms of studies, you have to take full responsibilities for your studies, unlike in conventional institutions where they mostly depend on lecturers for lectures.

In my last sentence, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is a widely well-recognised institution, which is owned and funded by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

And to be sure about it, the institution is being regulated and instructed by the National Universities Commission (NUC), just like all other conventional universities. So with all this fact, all students should stop doubting the validity and acceptability of NOUN certificates in Nigeria.